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How did we look?


A corner of East Lancashire occupied the national ...

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The price still isn't right


Figures collated in a study by BBC Sport show that...

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What we do

At Viva Sport we use our collective media savvy to help leading sports professionals make the most of their talents, on and off the park.

Whether it's boosting a profile, protecting a hard-earned reputation, or improving performance in front of the camera, we specialise in getting our clients positive exposure.

Why bother? Well playing the game is only half the battle. A good media profile is essential to attracting sponsorship and endorsement deals. It can also boost your contract value too.

Media interest in sport is massive now and knowing how to use it to your advantage has to be worth the effort.

We also work with major organisations, including two Barclays Premier League football clubs, because they can trust us to get results.